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Hello, friends! I'm Kristin. I'm currently obtaining a degree in Physical Education and Health. I love to write, as well, and inspire & motivate others to live a healthier life.
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sometimes people who are sad dont always need the “it gets better talk”

sometimes people just want to hear “you are sad, you are trying your best, and it’s okay. you’re okay and you’re alive and that’s a big accomplishment”

because i know for myself unconditional optimism gets really fucking annoying. sometimes i just want to be sad and have it be okay that im sad.

don’t make me feel weirder than i already do in my own skin.

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Isn’t this the most super bowl of oatmeal you’ve ever seen?

Find all the super bowl (food) porn here:

Most people don’t even make it to January 31 without breaking their resolutions. Who’s made it this far? If you have, good on you! I’ll have a beer glass of water for ya. If you haven’t started your resolutions, or if you broke them already, there is no law that says you must start your resolutions on a certain day! You can start right now. Don’t ever “start tomorrow.” I think that phrase is my biggest pet peeve. Get going, guys! 1 month of this year is already gone.

Who doesn’t love “Legs day” at the gym? If your answer was “I don’t,” well, you are wrong. Anyway, here’s a look at some of my favorite moves I use for my leg day.

Not exactly a squat or a lunge, but jumping rope is a great warm up to your leg day training! A lot of people tend to focus on their upper leg muscles (quads and hamstrings), but by adding jump rope to your workout, you will not only warm up your body for your workout, but you give your calf muscles a great workout and you will feel it burn!

A good ‘ole squat jump: the stuff dreams day-after-leg-day-nightmares are made of. A great move if you don’t want to be able to sit on the toilet without crying if you want to be sore for days. Also a great move if you want a really great ass and nice legs. You can do this with or without the weight. Either way, it’s a pain in the ass, literally.

Really don’t need to tell you how difficult this is. If you’ve ever done a burpee, you understand it doesn’t take many to get your heart rate up and body sprawled out across the gym floor sweating out every ounce of water inside you. And that’s just a basic burpee. Try a few of these burpee/squats with the weight RIGHT NOW and impress everyone around you, unless you are wearing a suit and tie and are in a job interview. Your future employer might not be that impressed.

So simple, yet so effective. Lunge back, kick forward. I like to pretend one of my jerk ex-bfs is in front of me. 10 points if I can kick his face, 5 points for the groin. 2 points for the shins. I have a really nice ass after these.